Wow…what a week (Coronavirus Lockdown Week 1)

Wow… what a week !

The first week of Coronavirus lockdown… which saw an unprecedented surge in tickets on our IT Helpdesk.

Our Helpdesk (which supports around 1000 individuals) usually receives around 25-30 calls per day (125-150 per week), but this week we saw double that with close to 300. I the main, these were calls from customers wishing to work at home, and requiring help getting setup. Pretty straightforward in most cases, but still a huge amount of work for our team.

This was also complicated a little by the added challenge of each of the Synium team also having to work at home – thankfully, this is something we are very able to do – and is something we have tested for such a scenario – but it still brings it’s challenges, predominantly around communication and interaction.

Yet, despite all these challenges, we have still completed 99% of calls within our SLA, and have been able to continue our ‘Extremely Satisfied’ satisfaction rating from those who have responded.

These are really challenging times for a lot of people, and I want to thank all of our customers for their patience – and I especially want to thank the whole team: Alex, Andy, Jan, Julie and Stu for their outstanding efforts this week.


…and for those couple of customers for who we didn’t leave ‘Extremely Satisfied’… we will try even harder next time 🙂

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